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Greek Certification

ΕΛΛΑ-ΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΣ was created with a view to certify businesses of Greek ownership whose products are produced in Greece and have a strong presence in the Greek Retail Market.,,

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Hotel Categorization & Rating

Eurocert is accredited by The Hellenice Accreditation Syste, ESYD to perform inspections on hotels and rented rooms in Greece.

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Seminars & Training - First Semester 2018

For further information about our training & seminars, please contact our Education Department on 00302106252495 (ext: *205) or via e-mail:

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Information Seminar - GDPR

The New Legislative Framework for the Protection of Personal Data, following the adoption of General Regulation (EU) 2016/679

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Sustainability in Greek Cotton

In 2014, Eurocert managed to integrate cotton into the recognized ISCC product list, paving the way for certifying the sustainability of cottonseed biodiesel, a product of particular importance to the domestic market.

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EUROCERT has been accredited by the Hellenic Accreditation System ESYD, under the terms of the Standard ΕΝ ISO/IEC 17020:2004, to carry out inspections as a Type A Inspection Body..

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EUROCERT undertakes construction products testing in accredited and recognized laboratories according to CPR (305/2011). Furthermore Eurocert conducts Thermographic inspections on electrical equipment and undertakes all kind of environmental ...

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CE Marking

CE Marking is a mandatory conformity marking for certain products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). CE marking is recognizable worldwide as a manufacturer\'s declaration that his products meet the ...

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Health and Safety

Health & Safety Management Systems can help an organization to implement a formal procedure in order to reduce the risks associated with health and safety in the working environment for employees, customers and the general public..

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Social Accountability

Social Sustainability concerns all companies, regardless of their activity, whose aim is to continuously improve labour conditions and communicate this to all relevant stakeholders and interested parties.

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Energy Μanagement

Energy Management Systems certification is a valuable step for companies who wish to comply with EU guidelines while reducing their energy consumption and improving their energy efficiency..

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Environmental Μanagement Systems

Find out which Environment certification programme suits your needs and apply..

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Organic Certification

Certify your organic products in accordance with European Organic Regulations EC 834/2007 &889/2008.

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Food Safety

EUROCERT provides complete certification services that cover the whole alimentary chain spectrum, from the farm to the final consumer..

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Quality Management

EUROCERT has been accredited by the Hellenic Accreditation System ESYD, under the terms of the standard ΕΝ ISO/IEC 17021:2011, to carry out audits and certifications of management systems:

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Correct use of Agricultural Pesticides

Eurocert is an Educating Body accredited by the Ministry of Production, Environment and Energy to teach the correct use of pesticides used in agriculture & to test candidates who wish to gain the Certificate for Correct use of ...

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Ορισμός της EUROCERT ως Designated Body (De.Bo) στο σιδηροδρομικό τομέα

Η EUROCERT ορίστηκε με απόφαση του Υπουργού Μεταφορών Υποδομών και Δικτύου υπεύθυνος φορέας για την Επαλήθευση με βάση του Εθνικούς ...

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H EUROCERT είναι πάντα κοντά στην κοινωνία, επιδεικνύοντας το ανθρώπινο πρόσωπό της.

Η EUROCERT, με το εξειδικευμένο και άρτια εκπαιδευμένο προσωπικό της αναλαμβάνει τη διενέργεια ελέγχων στα 11 Σπίτια του Οργανισμού ...

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Με την σφραγίδα της EUROCERT

ΕΛΛΑ-ΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΣ: Η Ελλάδα που παράγει και συνεργάζεται. Μια σημαντική δύναμη της ελληνικής οικονομίας, που στοχεύει στην ανάδειξη της ...

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Useful Information

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ISO 27001:2005 expires on 30/09/2015

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