The program is clearly related to the VET sector as it concerns the development of a training system focused on the development of competences related to social entrepreneurship for a group of entrepreneurs, managers, employees of SMEs and start-ups. The project addresses a correctly identified need to provide training on social entrepreneurship in aspects such as financial management, innovation, corporate governance, and business model development. The project can also provide synergy effects between different education sectors such as adult education and higher education sector. The project demonstrates significant innovative aspects.

The European added value has been adequately identified and justified in the proposal. European added value will be provided through partnership at European level, which allows partners to work together and access knowledge. 

The SENIMA project will provide candidates the relevant training material, as well as the chance to take an exam to obtain an attestation through its exclusive SENIMA online platform. Both training and examination will be provided in an asynchronous mode so candidates may plan for them in their own convenience.


The SENIMA program will be available in the following languages: English, Greek, Italian, Hungarian and Polish and is expected to be launched early 2024.